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All bug reporting moved to Launchpad: The bug tracker on has been superceded by Launchpad. Please visit to see the list of projects and their bug trackers.

Software packages converted to Python Eggs and moved to PyPI: Most of the supported software packages have been converted to the Python Egg format and will now be distributed using the Python Package Index (PyPI) site at This conversion and move vastly simplifies package installation (using setuptools) and visibility. Previously released tarballs will remain accessible on this site.

Repository moved from CVS to Subversion: I have moved all software from CVS to Subversion. The CVS repository is now officially closed and anonymous access via pserver has been disabled. The Subversion repository has a web interface at To check out software anonymously, you can also do so via HTTP:

svn co<Package>/trunk <Package>

Checkins mailing list created: You can now receive notifications for all Subversion repository checkins into the repositories on via a mailing list. Please see for information about subscribing or archived posts. is the Open Source complement to my business venture, Zetwork. You can hire us to get individualized help or enhancements for any of the products available from, among a variety of other services. To see a small selection of what we can do for you, please see the Zetwork services page.